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Childhood memories



To bring back some childhood memories, you must think of swings, tag, climbing, and so many other actvities. All of those things we loved to do as kids, all involved physics. Lets look at swings. Energy is a main component to what we see about physics here. There is potential energy and kinetic energy and mechanical energy(which stays the same throughout the whole time). As we swing as seen in a parabolic arc, at the top when we are stopped slightly for a second, we have a large amount of potential energy, what we are capable of doing. As we slowly get to the bottom of the arc and get to the middle at a single instant, we have an influx in our kinetic energy. The more energy we have, the harder it is to jump off. Our energy can be calculated by how high we are swinging, the mass of our bodies and the swing combined, and how fast we are swinging. With all of those things we can fully understand the concept of energy and the conservation of it because it cannot be created or destroyed, only conserved.


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