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Recently over our Spring break, I encountered a shocking event of physics. I was having a poker night with my friends. Most of us were just sitting down relaxing and out of no where my friend throws his hand on the table, gets up and goes in the other room and we hear a thump...

I immediately got out of my seat and made my way into the kitchen to discover that my good friend loved to use physics in his everyday life!

He decided because he was losing and had a bad hand that he would take his mass of his fist and exert an acceleration on it to create a force into my wall! This not only hurt His hand but the wall too. Every force has an equal and opposite reaction. He gave a nasty bruise to my wall(aka a huge crack) and then in return it gave him some nasty bruises back.

He ended up fixing the way later on. All and all I'm glad my friend knows his physics!!!


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