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Physics of parisailling



Ironically when I was a kid I hated heights but now I love rides and heights. So over February break my friend and I took a trip to Orlando and we spent some time at Disney. At the Contemporary Resort they have a water sports center and we went parasailing which was awesome. We got to see the whole Disney property from above. What was cool about parasailing besides the views was all the physics involved. Fro example, our parachute was hooked on to a boat and the captain had to ask us how quickly we wanted to travel, which determined our velocity and how far above the water we wanted to go, which determined our distance. It was really windy up there and that is when I realized why we needed a parachute, it was to help us with air resistance so that we did not go too fast and get hurt. Also, while we were up above I saw a ton of waves and the boat also created waves and as we speed up or rather the boat the waves became more frequency and got larger which fits with the wave equation.


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