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Today while stocking the coke cooler at work, I also had to simultaneously arrange the left over bottles into neat rows from their soft, plastic containers. After I had them all arranged nicely, and stacked on top of each other, a few of the containers that I didn't have room for fell over. BOOM! It was so embarrassing, customers looked to the back and my boss gave me a look that could kill. Shaken up soda flew everywhere. I realize I only have physics to blame for this! I bet I could figure out the time it took for all of the bottles to hit the floor if I used Kinematics. The bottles fell because the force of gravity pulled them down. They had an acceleration of approximately 9.81 m/s^2 downward, with an initial velocity of 0, and a distance of about 1 meter. If I used d=vi(t)+1/2(a)(t)^2 and solved for t I could definitely find the time it took for all of the bottles to fall and for everyones eyes to focus on me :/ thanks a lot gravity!


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