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Physics of my vacation



Over spring break, I went on a vacation to Italy with many other of my classmates. As we arrived at the first hotel, I noticed that the one section of the lobby would echo as people talked. When looking back on it, I know understand that it was sound waves that were bouncing off the wall and coming back to my ears in a matter of less than a second which is very amazing considering the distances that some of these sound waves have to travel. In my case, the sound wave only had to travel around 7.6 meters which is equivalent to 25 feet. With this approximate measurement, I am able to measure the exact time it took for the sound wave to travel back to me again. I can find this out by using the equation time= distance/velocity. In this case, the velocity will be 331 meters per second because that is the speed of sound in air at STP. So. using the equation, 7.6meters divided by 331m/s equals 0.02 seconds, an incredible speed that is not noticeable to the human ear.


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