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Flying Overseas



While going to another country is very exciting, the plane ride to get there is not. On the way to my trip to Italy, I had to sit through a 7 hour flight which is by far the longest flight I had ever been on before. And as I wasn't sleeping or trying to find some way to get comfortable on the stuffy plane, I thought about all the physics that goes into flying a plane. As I thought for a little while, I realized I could not really come to many conclusions at a regents physics level, but I could think about the concepts we have learned and apply them to the very little that I actually do know about planes. In moves, I've seen a window of a plane be punched out and I found that quite fascinating and I came to the conclusion that the reason why things would get sucked out of that opening is because the airplane is pressurized to allow people to survive at very high altitudes. The construction of the plane which makes it so people can survive at these altitudes would make it so that opening a window would cause a massive rush of air that would suck out anything that is not securely fastened... This could include body parts and all sorts of fun things. While there is so much physics that goes into airplanes, there is so much more to learn and discover!!!


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