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How to be good at Drag Racing



Typically before a drag race the drivers will spin their tires really fast. This converts Kinetic energy (the movement of the tires) into thermal energy from the friction the ground provides. The tire then is very hot and sticks to the racetrack very well. When the light goes green the friction between the ground and the tire is much greater than if the tire was cold because the hot tire expands and pushes into small bumps In the asphalt much more. The car can launch much easier and convert the kinetic energy of the tires movement into kinetic energy to actually move the car instead of spinning the tires and losing time. This is also typically why drag cars have thicker axles. If the tires don't spin a lot of force from the powerful engine will try to spin the axle and push the 3000 pound car very fast. A very thin axle will snap under the force so a good drag car typically needs a bigger, stronger axle as well.


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