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Annie's Tumble



Lacrosse is a very physical and rough sport. People are always getting checked, pushed and tripped. I myself have taken many falls throughout the years I have been playing lacrosse, but Annie B takes harder falls then I ever have! One of Annie's most famous falls is when she was running very very fast and then from behind a girl cross checked her in the back and then... SMACK Annie's face smacked down on the ground. But as always Annie's stood up with a smile on her face and laughing. But, Annie's fall has allowed me to write this blog post because she fell and this connects to projectiles. We can assume that Annie fell at 9.81 m/s2 due to gravity. Also, Annie runs faster then normal humans, it might take her 10 seconds to run 100m. With this information, we can determine how far

Annie ran and then if we know how long it took her to fall.. about .5 seconds we can determine her velocity while running and her velocity while falling. While she is running, we can use the equation v= d/t to determine her velocity, so v = 100//10s she runs at a speed of 10m/s which is pretty fast ( and I'm just guessing). Also is we know she fell with an acceleration of 9.81m/s2 and it took .5 seconds for her to hit the ground. We can determine her velocity while falling. a= v/t and rearrange it to v= at so (9.81m/s2)(.5s) which is about 5 m/s... ouch she falls fast and hard!

Well Annie's falls are only part of how entertaining she is to watch aside from her amazing skills!


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