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Biking with Newton



Today I got the pleasure of going on a bike ride in the nice weather. Over the hills, across the streets, and down the hills, everything about the bike ride involve physics. Because there was little wind, my brother and I could go as fast as we want with little force opposing us. The lack of wind is especially helpful on the hills so you can easily conquer them! When we pressed down on the pedals to try and propel our bikes forwards, that was an example of Newtons law. The pedal was pushing back on our feet so thankfully we could keep moving. If not, our feet would have gone through the pedal! Also, even when we weren't pedaling our bikes kept moving forwards. No other opposing force was stopping us, so we could continue to travel ahead. This is an example of another of newtons law. An important part of mine and my brothers bike ride was the sound waves that were traveling that helped us hear when a car was approaching us so that we could go into single file letting the car pass. Where the sound waves had a larger area to travel through, we luckily still were able to pick up some of the waves, alerting us to move. When we turned our heads putting our ears more directly in line with the waves, we could hear the car coming towards us more clearly so we could quickly move out of the way.


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