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Making Toast and Physics



When you make toast in a toaster oven, you are using electrical power. Electrical power is the rate at which electrical energy is expended. The amount of electrical power your oven has is based on the amount of work it has to do and how much time it takes to make the toast. Toasters are measure in volts and they draw amps of current to work. The toaster is made up of a series of circuits. A circuit is a closed loop path through which current can flow. If a loop in the toaster oven somehow gets a disconnection then it will not longer be a closed loop path and current will be unable to flow therefore you will be toast-less. The current flows from high potential to low potential which is the opposite of electrons. The wires in the toaster oven most likely have low resistance because resistance opposes current flow. The electrical power from the outlet in your house travels to the toaster oven through currents and turns the potential energy into heat energy creating toast!


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