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Christmas in... January?



So basically we put out Christmas tree up 4 days before Christmas. That being said, we were not about to take it down 5 days later! Or even after the New Year apparently... ANYWAY, our Christmas tree was finally taken down last weekend. But upon taking it down I realized that the unit we were doing in physics really related to our tree, or the lights at least! Christmas lights use both power and energy, which are measured in watts. When the lights are off but plugged in they have a certain amount of potential energy and a certain amount of kinetic energy. The total mechanical energy stays the same throughout the process though. Any energy not accounted for or "lost" is converted into heat! Because of course we know that energy cannot be created or destroyed. The whole process of the lights obviously involves an electrical part of physics that we obviously haven't reached yet in the curriculum but I cant wait until we get there!


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