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Physics Can Help Me Complain



Since I can remember, I have always loved music. I have been in chorus since 4th grade, have participated in the school musical since 7th, and have done many other things regarding music. Anyway, when I got to high school, I was so excited to have a chorus that actually wants to be there and tries to sing. The first thing i noticed was how weird the room was. In the past, I was in rooms with good acoustics, steps, and something that made sense. This looked like a regular classroom, except with a whiteboard with ledger lines. Then i got an explanation...

The chorus room used to be located where the orchestra room now resides. There was wooden floors, steps and great acoustics. About ten years ago, chorus was relocated to the worst room for a fire/cell phone service. For years, promises have been made saying that the room will be redone to better fitarrow-10x10.png our purposes, but it has never been seen through. It's not too bad, but we would be much better if we could accurately hear ourselves. And that's when I thought, we could use physics on our side.

The key to a good room is good physics. Singers make waves with their voices and those waves bounce off surfaces in the room. Our room is literal concrete. We need good services for the waves to bounce off of so that we make good sound that can actually be heard. Also, resonance has a lot to do with music. When the sound is created, our goal is to make it resonate so that we give a killer performance. To meet "self actualization" and our potential, the singing classes need a room that will make us our best.


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