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Physics in Biotechnology



By taking 2 sciences this year, I have the pleasure of making connections between both AP biology and physics. In bio we recently started learning about genetics and the biotechnology surrounding it. One of these biotechnologies is called gel electrophoresis. In gel electrophoresis we can see the separation of what makes up DNA based upon size and charge. By giving the molecules a negative charge and then having a positive charge at the opposite end of the technology, the molecules are attracted to the opposite end and proceed to move down the technology at different speeds and to different lengths. Larger sized particles move less than smaller particles, creating a separation between the two. This separation can help to identify where an altercation to the DNA occurred and possibly further tell us about a mutation. This technology might seem simple but it's actually produced using physics and polarity/magnetism. And knowing that type of information can help improve someone's life and adjust to the mutations in the DNA....all using physics!


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