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A New Way to do Physics?



People commonly say that physics is the way we can see different aspects of math in the physical world. And this is true for many math equations explain why certain things are the way they are as well as help us identify physics "answers". Earlier in the year we learned how to solve problems using kinematics when it came to projectiles, or something basically moving. But recently in math analysis I learned a knew way to solve these problems using calculus/derivatives which makes it much easier! For example, using calculus we can identify the time at which an object is rest given an equation. Take the equation; s=3t^3 - 7t^2 - 2t and time is greater than 0 (obviously). First you would find the derivative of s; 9t^2 - 14t - 2. You would then set this equation equal to 0 because the objest is rest whe the velocity is 0, and the derivative of s (position) represents velocity. By solving the equation when set equal to 0, you do some quadratic equation stuff and come out with an answer of a time of 1.69 seconds. This is just another example of all the math in physics!! :geek:

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