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Singer Contemplates Sound Waves



I have been singing since I was a little girl (not necessarily well) and I love being in Chorale as well as participatingarrow-10x10.png in the school musical every year. Earlier this month, we started learning about sound waves. We learned how sound waves, especially standing waves, are why instruments work. While we talked about a variety of different instruments ranging from strings to brass, we never discusses how sound waves are made because of human vocal cords.

I'm writing this to documentarrow-10x10.png my thoughts on the concept so I can embarrass myself in the future, and to do that, I am not looking anything up. I know that we use the lungs and larynx to create sound. Sound waves are longitudinal waves. They are also mechanical. Then does the trachea work as a type of pipe for the waves to make sound in? If so, does the texture and atmosphere of the trachea affect how the sound comes out? These truly baffle me and I hope to study this more in Physics. I didn't write much this blog post, but there's no more knowledge that I have on the subject, so here is a picture of the wave I made when I sang into the microphone during a lab in physics. Pretty crisp right? I'm proud of it.


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