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My sister's scream



My younger sister Ella is someone who tends to throw a fit when she does not get what she wants. These fits occur on a daily basis but the other day when she began screaming about me not letting her stay home by herself, I began thinking about the physics in her scream. In class we are learning about the different types of waves and how they travel. We are also learning about wave frequency and amplitude and how that affects sound waves. Ella's screaming tends to be extremely loud. She really likes to get the point across that she is not happy and does not agree with me. When Ella screams, her voice resonates at a high frequency. The high frequency is a result of her voice being so high pitched. If Ella spoke in a quiet, gentle voice (the way I would rather she express how she is feeling) the sound frequency would be much lower. If one were to graph Ella's scream, we would see that her scream results in a high amplitude as well for the louder the sound, the higher the amplitude.


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