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The physics of falling



Anyone who knows me knows that I am unfortunately, rather clumsy. My coaches and teammates joke all of the time about it with me because it seems like every time I am the one on the ground. I really cannot help it though! Gravity really just seems to like me so much that it pulls me down every time! Last week in my lacrosse game against PalMac I found gravity once again summoning me. This time however, my falling was not due to my clumsiness (it was quite shocking) but rather a calf cramp that hit me mid stride. I was sprinting down the field when all of a sudden my calf cramped up and there was nothing I could do but let gravity pull me down. It was extremely painful and I fell to the ground right away. I can always count on gravity to have my back! It is truly incredible how much physics applies to every day life! The physics of falling however is not exactly my favorite and I would really prefer if gravity did not like pulling on me so much.

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