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Bats and physics



I like to make connections when i learn something because it helps me remember! when we were learning about sonar in class i automatically thought of bats. I went home and ask my dad about bats and their sonar. Bats are nocturnal animals this means that they are awake at night and sleep during the day. Because they hunt at night they need to use a sonar to find there prey. Bats use their echolocation which is a navigation sonar like system so they know when to drive down and catch their prey! Bats send out sound waves and noises the bats can determine where the bugs are in the air because the sounds waves bounce of the bugs back to the bat. This is how the echolocation works. when the bats prey breath they cause vibrations in the air. These vibrations caused fluctuations in the air, which form a sound wave. A sound wave is just a moving pattern of fluctuations in air pressure. The changing air pressure pushes surrounding air particles out and then pulls them back in. Bats also have amazing hearing so this change in the air. Even tho bats are blind their echolocation helps them see and get around at night very well.


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