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Physics and Trains



This past weekend I had the benefit of being able to go to the Philadelphia area for a college trip with my aunt. What we decided to do while we were down there was take the train to NYC, since I had never been before. The trip took forever! Basically passenger trains from Philadelphia to NYC basically are like busses that go just a little bit faster. Anyways, what I noticed while we were riding was how much physics was really involved in train transportation. the way the train works is by running on rails, which gives off a boat like feeling but on land. The force of the train on the rails, was the exact force on the train from the rains, otherwise we would have floated up or sunk down into the earth. There was also sound waves being emitted from the train whistle that everyone knows so well. The waves then traveled through the medium (the air) and reached the little hairs in our ears, causing the brain to recognize that movement as sound. But lesson learned, its a pain in the butt to travel by train!


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