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fun stuff to do with magnets



I was bored at my grandfather's house since he only has basic tv which I no longer watch. so I wandered around his house to see of he had any cool stuff. My grandfather loves metal detecting and finds magnets to be very interesting. I found several neodymium magnets in his study and decided to see what I could do. He has an iron deficiency and has cereal that is slightly infused with iron. Firstly no it was not magnetic. But when I crushed some into a fine dust I was able to separate iron from the actual cereal. I showed my mother and sister as well as My grandfather who simply replied that I owed him five dollars for the cereal since I used like half the box. I decided that since it was before I got a job, that financially it was in my best interest to simply go use his metal detector instead of raiding his cupboard for iron infused foods


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