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Doppler effect




Every time a firetruck with a siren drives past the school, Mr. Fullerton says "Doppler effect." Although we were learning about what the doppler effect is, i decided to do a little more research on the topic to better my understanding of it. The doppler effect is observed when a wave is moving with respect of the observer. The doppler effect is the result of the movement of waves in which there is an apparent shift in frequency. In a video that we saw in class from a former student, it showed the student in a car with a blowhorn. As she drove past the camera or got closer to it the frequency raised and produced a louder sound. As it gradually moved away the frequecy decreases and the sound gets gradually quieter. Similar to the sound a racecar makes as it passes you on the track at top speed.The doppler effect can be seen in multiple types of waves including water waves, sound waves and even light waves. The doppler effect can even be applied to instruments. How can you play a note on a guitar or piano and have it casually and gradually get softer and softer untill it stops? Doppler effect. If the musician plays the same note while moving toward or away from a stationary listener, the note heard by the listener will indeed change,even if the musician does nothing different.Sound waves are not transverse waves. They are longitudinal waves, created by some type of mechanical vibration that produces a series of compressions and rarefactions in a medium. the Doppler effect is directly related to the frequency of a wave, whether it's made of water, light or sound.


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