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I cant take it anymore!



In Orchestra, we are currently rehearsing a piece entitled "Danza" composed by some hotshot 21st century guy who has no respect for the left hand of a cellist. After the first 53 measures, my entire section plays a series of D's. By a series a mean 500+ until the end of the piece. Its both irritating and painful after a while. As my pinky crinkles up into nothing at the end of the period, I think of physics. I'm exerting x amount of force onto the neck of my cello, onto the spring to play the note. My cello is exerting the same force back onto my poor pinky! Newton tells us that forces come in pairs, equal and opposite. I honestly wish Ms. Murrell would have picked a piece that wouldn't leave me with arthritis in my pinky, but her decision is final :/. I cannot wait until March, where we play this piece for the last time and my pinky can start its recovery.

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You have officially played that piece for the last time! And it was quite good, I might add. Despite the horrible acoustics in the gym.

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