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Waves on the beach



Over spring break, my family and I traveled to Florida to get away from the cold weather. We went to Singer Island, off the coast of West Palm. It was a beautiful place and the day we arrived we could not wait to get to the beach. When we arrived at our hotel it was around 5pm. High tide was in full swing. My sisters and I went out to the beach and could not believe how big the waves were! I had been to Florida numerous times before, but I have never experienced such big waves before! I naturally thought of physics class for we were learning about waves! It was funny to think that these were literal waves produced by the water's current, but there were also sound waves emitting through the air from the waves crashing on the sand. The water waves could be considered transverse for they were moving perpendicular to the beach. The sound produced by the waves crashing on the sound is classified as mechanical waves. Its incredible what physics helps me understanding in real life!


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