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Human current



So all year Mr. Fullerton talks about how he loves to electrocute students eventually during the school year. When he said that I was immediately intrigued because I find the idea of a human circuit quite interesting. When we set up the human chain I found myself at the end of it where I would touch†groundâ€. Seth was at the from with his hand on the electric machine ( I’m going to call it that because I don’t know the real name) and he was slowly charging everyone up. When watching Mr. Fullerton charge himself up and touch “ground†I noticed that there was very little going from the machine to his hand yet a lot of electricity from his hand to the ground source. About 45 seconds of charging passed when I got the signal to touch the ceiling and when I did I was shocked so violently that my muscles were almost numb. Hearing the responses from others I realized I had received the worst of it. This was one of the most fun physics related activities I have ever done.


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