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Humans Rule!



I seem to be on the topic of strange theorums, and I am definitely adding to this streak since I will be discussing the Anthropic Principle. What could this principle possibly mean to science? Well, Anthropic means "pertaining to man kind", and this principle follows suit. The principle was first devolved by Australian physicist Brandon Carter. The principle centers around the idea that human life is so phenomenal in science that it cannot be overlooked, and the entire universe is centered around human growth and life forming characteristics.

Why doesn't electrostatic repulsion play a larger role than nuclear bonds, making atom formation impossible and preventing human life? Carter argues why in his 2 evolutions of the Anthropic Principle:

Weak Anthropic Principle: Observed scientific values must be able to allow there to exist at least one region of the universe that has physical properties allowing humans to exist, and we exist within that region

Strong Anthropic Principle: The universe must have properties that allow life to exist in it at one point.

Carter argues that the universe was formed the way it was, with such carbon based life, because the intention was for human life to exist somewhere. He later came out with an even more controversial statement:

Final Anthropic Principle: Intelligent information-processing must come into existence in the universe, and once it comes into existence, it will never die out.

These statements are a way of explaining human involvement in the science and makeup of the universe. Supporters of the anthropic principle state that our very existence changes the course of life and the environment we live in, causing the universe to bend toward us. The makeup of our planet, space, and nearby galaxies could potentially be explained by such a principle. Humans themselves are selfish in nature, but to think we are the reason the universe exists... well, that is just one crazy thought! Think about how important your existence is to the state of the universe tonight ;) until next time, Fizzix community, until next time.


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