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Physics due to stupidity



As a child, I have always tried to fly. This never worked and it still hasn't, but just for fun, enjoy my story for now.

Last Friday, the last day of me as a 17 year old, I went to work like I normally would. However, this time at work was different. We were raking leaves and such for 3 hours when I had an epiphany. "Let's take these rakes, tie them together with some leaves, and try to fly. So, having said that, we were off to the races.

I tied my Boy Scout caliber knot and then got into the back of the trailer. Mind you, mass amounts of frictional force were being applied between the rope in the knot in order to keep the leaves and takes together. We never achieved flight, but we successfully found a topic for my blog posts. When I flapped my 'wings,' I created lift. This lift, plus the speed of the trailer and me, should theoretically make me fly. Lift has to do with physics obviously. Lift+drag would give me my total aerodynamic force. Which should make me fly. Unfortunately, it didn't. Then I got yelled at by my boss. Safe to say that day was productive.


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