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The Physics of Destiny



Destiny is a video game devolved by the company Bungie. Bungie has experience with theoretical physics after they made the Halo series. Destiny is one of the most expensive games ever made, which brings up an important question. Did they do a good job?

The first thing to look at is the little details. The capes the shadows, the lighting, and so on. In this, in my opinion, they did a good job. The game looks and feels fantastic. There are many flaws with this game, but all in all, they did a good job on the little things. The little physics is easy to miss but helps move the game along seamlessly.

Another aspect of the game is the sparrow. The sparrow is essentially a hover bike. We do not have one of these yet so I can't say how accurate they were on it. However, it looks and feels exactly how you think one would. It has propulsion on the back. Using Newtons laws it propels itself forward and uses Newtons laws somehow to keep it above the ground.


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