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Who is Stargazer14



Hello! I am a Physics C student from New York. Aside from physics I enjoy cooking, baking, art, music, traveling and reading. Aside from physics I am taking AP Calculus, AP Economics, AP Biology, German and English. I also play flute in my school's Wind Ensemble.  I consider myself pretty good at a lot of things, primarily art and English, and not so good at others, like physics and math. So then why am I here? Well, I love Physics and math. They have always been my favorite subjects even if they aren't my strongest. Also I want to go into astrophysics when I go on to college (and do pre med and go on to med school for trauma surgery or something like that but that's later on) and also, its just so fun. Physics has been a struggle but a fun struggle. I am most excited about being in such a small class this year, and being in one of the hardest classes our school offers. I am anxious about that fact that I am not strong in math yet I am taking a math heavy course. But I am optimistic that I will learn a lot and hopeful that this will strengthen me as a student.



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Wow, I've never heard of anyone wanting to be an astrophysicist other than me. That's really cool! Maybe we'll cross paths again in the workplace. Don't you quit on me!

P.S. Don't worry about the math, nobody's totally ready for it. It's calculus, we'll learn as we go!

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I'll echo what PaperBoy said.  You're right, AP Physics C is a tough class.  It'll be a struggle, it'll be frustrating, it'll be hard work, but if you stick with it and do the work, you'll come out better for it on the other said (and don't worry about grades in here -- if you're doing what you're supposed to, it'll take care of itself).

PS -- I see you love baking.  I love eating.  Hmmmmmm........    :cool:

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