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The Wonderful World of My Ego



I'm an AP Physics C student who loves to be silly and goof around whenever I can. I enjoy physics, mathematics, astronomy, programming, engineering, swimming, definitely not cooking, listening to music, and Super Lawn Chair Fighters 3000. My favorite music genres are rock, alternative rock, and heavy metal (though there aren't many good heavy metal bands in my opinion, just a lot of screaming). Since I was maybe 9 years old I've wanted to be an astrophysicist, and that hasn't really changed. I'm taking this class to further my knowledge in an area i truly enjoy studying, unlike most of school. Even if I don't end up using it for a career, it's still a very conceptually crazy course. I hope to actually start learning some cutting edge physics this year, instead of been-there, done-that. I'm excited to start learning physics again in general, though I'm still a little scared I might not be able to keep up. I'll make it! Adios.


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I'm with you there, though the been-there, done-that physics certainly has its place, that cutting edge physics is what really keeps us coming back! Astrophysics is definitely fascinating; if you have a passion for it, you should go for it! Even if it doesn't end up as a career, the great thing about physics is that it gives you a perspective on the world that finds uses in every field! 

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Excellent first blog post Paperboy!  Although we don't cover astrophysics itself in this course, we'll lay a ton of groundwork for future studies... pay special attention to our units on gravity, rotational motion, and believe it or not, much of what we do in E&M will have a strong correlation to applications in astrophysics later.


Who's your favorite musician / band?

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