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first blog post :-)



1. I have always had a love for math and science.  I also LOVE reading, however, English class-not so much.  I'm a person who is never afraid to ask questions.  I sometimes tend to be a little too chatty but I have always been capable to advocate for myself.  On the other hand, I get frustrated very easily if/when I don't understand something.  I have the tendency to take my frustration out on myself which is never the healthiest thing to do.  Other than that, I know one thing: when I am very passionate about something, I put my heart and soul into it. 

2. I decided to take AP-C Physics because I love the subject.  After taking AP Physics my junior year, I loved applying math to real-life scenarios.  From all the previous science courses I have taken throughout high school, physics was by far my favorite.  Physics solidified my path for the future: becoming an engineer.  (Although I'm still unsure what kind of engineering would be my focus).

3. From previous AP-C students and teachers, I know this course will be very challenging but I hope I learn how to maintain a consistent and good work ethic.  I hope that I not only further my understanding in physics, but take some great experiences with me for the future.

4.I'm excited that this is my senior year. I am excited that I have schedule that really highlights all my interests.  I am excited to be challenged (but hopefully not to the point where there are tears) and I am wicked excited that I will learn an exuberant amount of things this year.

5. I am anxious about all the tests that I will fail.  I'm anxious about college applications and thinking about college in general; it's supposed to be some of the best years of your life but I don't want to get older.  I am anxious that I might disappoint people and/or screw a lot of things up.  I'm an anxious person in general so this list could go on forever but I am optimistic about this school year!


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That perspective of not only looking at AP-C as an opportunity for increasing your physics understanding but also a place that will equip you with experiences that can be applied elsewhere in life is fantastic! The same lens you use to apply physics to real-life problems is so useful no matter what you do. Failing definitely happens, whether large or small; just keep that perspective of learning from those mistakes and using them as opportunities rather than barriers. Often you'll find that it was better to fail once and succeed the next time!

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I don't think I know anyone who is NOT anxious for college applications... Why must they make it so complicated?!! Come June, I hope we look back and think that it wasn't as hard as we think it will be! 

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