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First Physics Blog



Around school I'm probably known as "that really tall girl who rides horses" which is really a pretty accurate description of me. It does leave out some other things that are an essential part of who I am. I love the two classes I am the worst in: Physics and Math. I love history. AP European has been my favorite history class that I've taken so far, but I also enjoy learning about local history in my free time. I've been playing violin for almost 14 years now and play in my school's orchestra. As stated above, I ride horses which is my true passion in life and is something that will shape where I go in the future. I use my mentioned height to help my team out on the volleyball court. I decided to take AP Physics C for a few reasons. I took AP Physics 1 last year and loved it. I've always enjoyed science but Physics is by far my favorite. So why wouldn't I continue taking a class that I love? I also think that it is a class that will influence what kind of career and college major I decide to pursue. I hope this class will make me a better learner and a harder worker. I know that it will be a very challenging class, but along the way I hope the challenge will teach me the skills I need in college and life to successfully tackle challenging situations. I think I'm mostly excited for the extended learning that I will be getting. Hopefully, this class will expand upon the topics we learned last year to give me a better understanding of them. I think that the scariest part of this class will be the self-motivation I will need to accomplish my end goal: a 4 or higher on the AP exam. I will really need to motivate myself to do the learning required to be "good" at physics. I know that sometimes I get lazy with schoolwork, especially when the work gets more challenging, and I don't want that to happen to me this year. Along with this, of course I am worried about failing tests. It comes with the territory of the class, so I know that when I fail I should use it as a motivator to go back and learn the material more. Overall, I can't wait to see where this year takes me. I get the feeling that this is going to be a great year!


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I think it's going to be a great year too!  :jig:   I wonder what could be done as far as the physics of riding horses?  Bet there's a ton to explore there...

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