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Scorpion Season 1 Episode 15: "Forget Me Nots"



I cannot even begin to understand how this ever worked but somehow in this episode the Scorpion team ran a significant amount of electricity through one persons head and basically turned him super human. You are probably wondering where the physics comes into this: he pretty much bounced off and over a moving car to chase somebody down.

I couldn't really find a video or an image but it is still free to watch on CBS.com (http://www.cbs.com/shows/scorpion/video/DE90E9B6-555F-4C3B-10AD-FE20D5CFE4A9/scorpion-forget-me-nots/).

The scene I'm referring too happens at about 20:00 so you can skip to there. And this is the guy I'm referring too:


(That's him getting hooked up to the electricity, the words are something someone else added but I couldn't find another image).

He shows no sign of being effected by running into a moving car and it could not have been fully stopped in that short amount of time. In fact, you can see it still moving in slow-motion as he jumps on it with one foot. I have not yet decided if I really think this is possible. I mean he landed on top of the car not in front of it so he is not really being impacted by the car which would explain why he does not fly forward. And it seems like his foot caves part of the car's hood in, which means he landed with enough force to get a foot hold which allowed him to jump forward and consider his pursuit. What I do not get is how he jumped at the right time to pull this off. I suppose if the car was moving slow enough he could estimate but it is hard to tell if the show is going in slow motion or not so I cannot be sure. Quite honestly, I'm up in the air on this one. Adrenaline is an incredible thing, people have been known to do seemingly inhuman things while running on adrenaline. As far as physics goes, I'm calling this a maybe- because there are a lot of factors to consider (such as the car's speed) that I simply do not know.


Ok so maybe the man was a super human, maybe not but I'm going to leave for you to watch and decide. Thanks for reading!


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