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First Physics Blog



As you can guess, this is my first blog for the AP Physics C year (one of about 40). In my free time I dabble in the sports of soccer, basketball and tennis and although I am not the best or star player in any of the sports, I would consider my self consistent and fairly talented in them all.  During the scarce moments in my life during which I am not playing sports, I am either doing homework, playing FIFA on Xbox, or sitting on my phone using Snapchat, Twitter and/or Instagram.  I have four siblings (one brother and 3 step-sisters) of which I am the second youngest (I am also the youngest kid in my grade). My two older step-sisters are a sophomore and freshman in college and my brother is a freshman in college also; my younger step-sister is in 5th grade at Iroquois. Throughout my academic career i have gotten good grades and I will do everything in my power to keep it that way for senior year.  I enrolled in the AP Physics C class, because I did well and loved last years Physics with Mr. Powlin. I also wanted to go more in-depth to Physics than we did last year and I hope this class does that. The main thing i hope to get out of this class is to learn how to teach myself and prepare for college. Already I have changed my habits to accommodate for the demands of this class and others. I am very excited to go through this class with all my friends and do well on the AP. On the contrary, i am most anxious about the work load of the class combined with others, however this will only make me a better student and learner.


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This is a great course to really help you learn to teach yourself as well as self-managing your workload.  It can be difficult at times, but after we get into a routine, many students enjoy the independence and the ability to set their own priorities and schedules.  I'm hoping you'll find the same!  :geek:

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