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This is my first of too many blog posts that are required for this class. As many know I have the most fire twitter in all of IHS, I recently accomplished my goal of reaching 7.2 followers which is pretty sweet. I also dabble in the arts of CYO basketball, golf and volleyball. I have a countless amount of strengths and virtually no weaknesses. My only downfall that seems to hinder the performance of my work is that generally I don't care enough to put in any effort. However, I strive every day to become a better and more committed student. I have a younger brother who is in 10th grade this year and an older brother that teaches health and physical education at Dake. My future hopefully consists of me going to Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston and majoring in engineering followed up by finding a job right out of college so that I can make as much money as possible in my lifetime. I have decided that I am not concerned with how much i actually enjoy that career as long as it pays well. I am taking AP Physics C because it looks good for colleges, there is no lab period, there is no regents exam and I want to major in engineering so this class will hopefully give me the knowledge i need in order to be successful in college and throughout my career. I also heard that this class allows the students to be a little more free in terms of what they do from day to day which really interested me. From taking AP Physics C I hope to gain the necessary knowledge that will put me ahead or in the top percentile of engineering majors at whatever college I decide to go to. I am most excited about not having to hear lectures from Mr. Fullerton every day, I like the fact that there will only be a few lectures and then the rest of the days will be left alone for me and my partners in class to get the appropriate work done in order to score well on tests, especially the AP test in May. I am most anxious about the AP test in may. I have never been a big fan of the idea that one test determines how well you understand and can apply what you have learned throughout the year. While I personally have done exceptional on most of those types of tests throughout my life, I sympathize for those who struggle in those situations. 


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So glad to hear you're virtually perfect... that will come in handy with all of our challenging content this year.  If you would prefer not to do the blog posts (as this first one is already too many), come see me and I can eliminate that requirement for you -- if it's not value-added and the class will be easy anyhow, I'd hate to waste your time with something you don't see value in.  :bow:

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Your perspective is truly eye-opening and insightful. You are definitely right to pursue a job right out of college so you can get that paper. Dollar dollar bills y'all. Keep up the first-rate work. I'm sure your blog will be incredibly fascinating and educational.

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