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First Post



This is the first post on a blog. This blog is about physics. I am the author of this blog. I hope this blog will help me improve my spelling and grammar, which are terrible but do not prevent me from making fun of other people's. There is nothing remarkable about me other than the fact that I can make minute rice in 58 seconds. I am writing this blog for AP Physics C, a class which I took by accident but have grown to love. I have grown to appreciate the rigor of this class and recognize it as a college style class. While none of my professors at whatever university I attend will have the same cachet as Mr. Fullerton, I hope this class will better prepare me for the style of instruction in college. I also enjoy that there is no lab period, meaning I have an extra free period every other day during which I can do nothing and tell terrible jokes to anyone who will listen. I hope to get out of this class a better idea of what physics is all about. The introductory course I took with Mr. Powlin was excellent, but the content only scratched the surface of the deep field of physics. Hopefully, by the end of the year I will either love or hate physics enough to decide if it is worth pursuing in college. I am excited to learn many new things that will help me grow as a pretentious doofus who uses physics to prove people wrong or just make myself sound smarter than I really am. I am also excited to take a class in which the responsibility to get work done rests solely upon my shoulders. Consequently, I am anxious to take a class where the responsibility to get work done rests solely on my shoulders. Hopefully, I will be able to motivate myself with snacks. Either way, I will emerge from this class with all my limbs intact, and I will declare victory.


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