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To Infinity and Beyond



Recently I discovered something about Position vs. Time graphs that I found fascinating. Did you know there are far more than 2 derivatives of the relationship? Acceleration and velocity hardly scratch the surface! Here's a list for all you position fanatics out there:

Derivative:          Name:

-5                         Absounce

-4                         Abserk

-3                         Abseleration

-2                         Absity

-1                         Absement (Absition)

0                          Position (Displacement)

1                          Velocity

2                          Acceleration

3                          Jerk

4                          Jounce (Snap)

5                          Crackle

6                          Pop

7                          Lock

8                          Drop


Can you believe it? Mainstream cereal somehow found its way into physics class other than on a food tray. Though, in all honesty, the derivations and integrals become increasingly less useful. Few practical equations even have enough exponents to avoid from becoming 0. It makes sense if you think about it: each time a derivative is computed the exponent of all the variables is decreased by 1. Therefore, you'd need an x^8 to even see a Drop vs. Time graph that isn't a constant zero. And those look like big goofy bowls, why would you want one of those?

In the end I guess it's not as climactic as I first assumed, but still pretty cool that position goes way beyond its most common boundaries. If you wanna find out more for yourself here's the link I found:



--This blog is in no way affiliated with Kellogg's Rice Krispies(c) and does not confirm or deny the existence of tasty rice breakfast cereal--

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