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it's time to wear helmets while driving people!!!



I passed my road test at approximately 1:17 pm on Thursday, September 17th. For anyone who isn't aware, to pass you need at least a 70 and that's exactly what I got!!! I'm not proud of my 70 because quite frankly, the points deducted were very unnecessary but I'm just grateful I passed. (I'm really not that bad of a driver, I promise!) The first thing the instructor said to me was, "Well, you barely did it, but you did it!" I guess all that matters is that I got the result I wanted.  Anyways, the lesson learned through this experience was that sometimes, one may not always get the mark/grade one hopes for, but if said person tries their best and does what was needed to be done, that's all that matters.  I know I might not get the 98% or 100% on any test this year but I know I will do whatever is necessary to aim at that level.  If the outcome is poor, I'll be proud of myself for doing not only what's necessary, but going beyond expectations to at least be able to say to myself, "I learned so many things and I tried my very hardest".  I'm excited that I will be challenged & I promise to put in the work and effort to succeed in AP Physics C. 


P.S i like to think of myself as an outstanding driver despite everyone's fears/worries/nightmares.  however, i'll apologize before hand if i do run you over so don't say i never warned you!

P.P.S I never got the instructor's name but if I do run you over, you can just call East Rochester's driving site and ask to speak with a blonde woman, roughly 5'6", mid 30's with a nose ring and get all her insurance information because technically she's responsible for allowing me to be out on the road.

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