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Apples and Buses



A few days ago, my volleyball team traveled to another school for a match (which we won, even with the touch I called myself on that could have scored us the winning point if I hadn't) and for our trip home, the opposing team gave us a huge bag of apples. So as we rode the bus home we ate and then we had 15 apple cores and no idea what to do with them for the rest of our 45 minute bus ride home. An open window sparked an idea and with that I became the center for the discard of our apple cores. As I went to drop an apple core I worried about it hitting the car behind us. Luckily, my physics insight allowed me to realize I had no reason to fear. Although it looked like the apples were flying backwards, they weren't!!! Because I did not throw the apples, they moved in a straight (if we don't consider and updrafts, gusts of wind, etc.) path to the pavement below me. Due to our bus moving forwards and the apple moving down, the motion of the apple looked different than if we had watched it standing on the ground. So, due to the fact that apples are biodegradable and they won't hit another car if dropped out the window, you can also participate in an activity like this. Just please do not throw the apples at other cars or throw plastic out your window (the plastic is not biodegradable so it is littering). 

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