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Take a Hike.



My family has never been one to go on vacations to the Bahamas or to go on a cruise, instead we go to national parks and go camping and hiking for a couple of weeks. Because of that I guess I've become one of those crunchy people that finds hiking extremely relaxing. While on a hike this past summer, my dad asked me, "why does hiking take so much longer than just walking on flat ground?" And of course my automatic answer was a mumbled "idunno" because I didn't want to have to think about a real answer. As I was hiking though, I thought about it and it's just simple physics. There is probably a lot of physics involved in hiking but one thing that I came up with was that as you climb higher, you gain gravitational potential energy, so less of your total energy is kinetic energy. Because kinetic energy is one half times the mass times the velocity squared, if there is less kinetic energy, then the velocity would decrease also.  Therefore it would take longer to travel the same distance hiking a mountain, than it would to walk on a flat road. And that is one reason why hiking takes more time than walking on a road as proved by physics:)



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