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Doctor Who 2011 Christmas Special: "The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe"



Hello again! This one I had to talk about because there is just so much wrong with the beginning that I don't even know where to start. Scratch that, yes I do. Let's start with the Doctor falling out of a spaceship exploding in orbit, that seems like a good place to me.


I'm not sure if the Doctor has special lungs that don't need air (pretty sure that is not the case) but he survived for like 5 minutes hurtling towards Earth in space with no atmosphere. Than he reaches out into space and tries to swim to a nearby space suit. Both left the exploding space ship with the same velocity and since there is nothing in space for the Doctor to use to accelerate himself forward (there is even air so he should have died really) he never should have reached it at all but he does. Up until this point, the show isn't doing to well with physics.


But this time he actually makes a crater! If you remember one of early posts about how the TARDIS does not make an impact when it strikes the Earth then you'll know this is an improvement by them. They actually showed that the force of an object strike the Earth from that far up in space would be enough to dent the surface of the planet. Realistically though, he would still be dead- space suit or not. There is no way that the space suit he got on could have reduced the force of his impact enough (or at all) to cause it not to shatter every bone in his body. In fact, shouldn't he have burnt up in atmosphere? The resistance of the atmosphere against the Doctor should have caused him to catch fire like a rocket re-entering Earth's atmosphere. Maybe this is morbid but the fact remains the same, he should have died like three times. But this is a show so they cannot kill a main character for the sake of physics. Or maybe this is just time lord stuff that we humans could never understand. The writers on this show have a great excuse.


Anyways, as always thanks for stopping by!


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