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Always Causing a Raquet



Just last week the varsity tennis team had sectionals. As part of our school’s second doubles team, we were not seeded in the bracket. This led to us unfortunately having to play the number one ranked doubles team in the section, first. There was no way we were going to win, but we started playing, and it was the best that we had played as a doubles team all season. Why is that? Why is it that it’s easier to play better against a team that is ten times better than you? Momentum. Each time the ball is hit by a player, it gains momentum. It is easier to add speed to the ball when it already has a lot of momentum. When you play a team that doesn’t hit as hard, to get that speed requires more physical work on your part. Because we were playing such a good team, we were able to hit shots just as fast back to them. So yeah, we didn’t win, but we still ended the season with a well-played match.

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