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The Physics of Golf



I first began golfing during the summer prior to my freshman year of high school. Obviously, like all things, I was far from good when I first started. Although I had played baseball for years I still found it very difficult to strike the ball the way that I was supposed to. Because of my constant miss-hitting on the golf ball, I never was able to get the correct flight trajectory that all of my friends were getting. I quickly realized that golf was not nearly as easy as it had seemed and that I would have practice a lot if I wanted to reach the level of play that I was hoping to achieve. Although the angle on the clubs seem so minimal, when hit correctly the ball still is able to fly far higher than expected. On average a golf player's driver is angled anywhere from 9 - 10.5 degrees upwards. The angle is so minimal but due to the swing of the golf club and the golf ball itself being so small the ball is still able to reach heights that exceed hundreds of yards in the air. The swing of that the player uses heavily determines how high their ball will go. Rory Mcilroy is widely considered as having the most fundamentally sound golf swings on the PGA Tour. It is because of that that he also has one of the highest average's for how far in the air his ball goes. When swinging a driver you are typically supposed to contact the ball on your up swing rather than your down swing. This differs from golfer to golfer but if you were to ask a golf pro, they would teach you to hit the ball on your upswing which along with the angle of the club, will cause the ball to go higher in the air depending on how far into your up swing you are when you contact the ball.

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