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Effects of rain on driving



Now that we have reached that terrible time of year where mother nature can't make up her mind whether it should be warm, cold, raining or sunny, it is scarier than ever to drive with my father. Everyone in my family knows that he is by far the worst driver. (Even worse than me even though I've had my license for less than a year). It's not that he doesn't stay in the lines or anything, his biggest problem is that he is the most impatient driver I have ever driven with. He constantly goes way faster than the speed limit and drives right on people's bumpers if they are going slower than he wants to go. Normally I am not very nervous because he has never gotten into an accident while I was in the car, but during the fall and winter months I get extremely nervous because I feel like he doesn't even realize that it will take him longer to stop or slow down when the ground is wet or has snow/ice on it. He obviously has a good sense of how long it will take him to stop when the ground is dry. But he fails to recognize that since the ground is not dry, the coefficient of friction between the rubber from the tires and the pavement is lower. This lower coefficient of friction means that it will take longer for the car to come to a stop since their is less of a frictional force acting against the car's forward movement.


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