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Deflate Gate



In 2014 Tom Brady and the patriots were caught using under inflated footballs in order to gain a competitive advantage when throwing the ball. The deflated ball would make it easier for the quarterback, Tom Brady, to grip the ball which in turn would allow him to throw harder and more accurately. Although an under inflated ball won't be able to travel as far as an appropriately inflated football, if the coaching staff knew what was going on they could base their game plan around short passes and running the ball so that the under inflated football would have no disadvantages for the team that knew what was going on. Also, since under inflated footballs are far easier to grip and hold onto, the Patriots would have far less fumbles when running the ball. The final advantage helps out receivers the most since under inflated balls are easier to grab it would be far easier to catch the ball. Especially if a spectacular one handed catch may be necessary if a poorly placed pass is thrown their way. When a ball is fully inflated, unless you have extremely large hands it is nearly impossible to make a one handed catch. The only disadvantage that might come from this is that the kicker and/or punter would not be able to kick the ball nearly as far because the transfer of energy from the kickers leg to the ball would be far less than if the ball is fully/over inflated.


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