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One of the greatest myths in popular culture is that if one were to go into outer space without a spacesuit then their blood would boil and they would explode. Neither of these things are true. While the lack of pressure would lower the boiling point of your blood and cause your bodily fluids to expand, the only ill effects would be very painful swelling. The stretchiness of your skin would prevent you from exploding (I wonder what the spring constant of human skin is). Rather than instantly exploding, you would drift about in immense pain for about 15 seconds or so until your body uses up its oxygen supply and you pass out. You could try to call for help in that small time window, but as we know space is a vacuum where there are no air molecules to vibrate and create sound waves, so no one can hear you scream. So while you won't explode from being hurled out of an airlock, it probably isn't something you want to be doing in your spare time. 

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