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Space-Jumping Starships



With everyone waiting for December for the new Star Wars movie to come out in theaters, I thought I'd talk about some aspect of Star Wars in this blog. in this case, something that's common to a lot of works of science fiction: Spaceships, and the many capabilities they possess. First is their ability to simulate gravity. In the original Star Wars movies, the Empire utilizes massive space battleships called star destroyers, and despite them floating in space, the people on board seem to have no problem traversing their corridors as if there wasn't a lack of gravity, but how can something like that be possible? the answer is simple, it's not with today's technology. in order for something in space like a station or ship to simulate gravity, it must be very large, and rotating so that gravity is simulated by the object's centripetal force. in the case of the star destroyers, they may be massive, but they don't seem to rotate at all, meaning if one was somehow made today, anyone on it would just be floating around aimlessly, pushing themselves off of walls attempting to navigate it. Another notable aspect of spaceships in Star Wars and other works of sci-fi is their ability to travel at "warp speed" taking them across entire solar systems and galaxies in a matter of minutes. not only is this impossible because nothing can move faster than the speed of light, this would also mean that the ships would have to withstand an impossibly high amount of force to accelerate them to such a speed. so unfortunately, in today's age, long distance space travel is far from possible. perhaps in the future when more technology is created, it will be more viable. 


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