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Slinging Space magic in Destiny



with this being a physics blog, I figured why not combine two things I really enjoy: Physics and videogames. when it comes to a lot of videogames, for some reason or another the laws of physics tend to be thrown out the window, but that doesn't mean there's nothing at all realistic about what may seem or be impossible. in many instances impossible objects can follow at least a few real laws. Today I'm talking about the Nova Bomb from the game Destiny, a purple glowing ball of space magic that your character can conjure and launch across distances to destroy your enemies. while just the concept of forming something like this out of thin air is clearly impossible, there are some laws of physics that this purple ball of destruction still follows. first off, it behaves the way a thrown projectile would. it takes a parabolic path, and travels different distances when thrown at different angles, the greatest possible distance being achieved when it is thrown at an angle of 45 degrees. An upgrade in the game allows it to be thrown farther and faster, which, assuming Newton's laws of motion apply to it, means that it either has less mass, or is thrown with a greater force, resulting in a greater acceleration, and greater initial velocity.

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