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If the world worked like Looney Tunes...



... Some Physics would still actually apply. In the wonderful world of cartoons, where the impossible is made possible, there are a few physics concept that hold true to an extent. maybe the world or cartoons just has its own set of physics, that just acts differently. Maybe when Elmer Fudd walks off that cliff in his attempts at "huntin' wabbit" (Bugs Bunny) and floats in the air until he realizes where he is, maybe gravity works kind of like electron diffraction: changing behavior when observed. Food for thought.

Anyways, one of the big things I wanted to talk about here is that classic dropping of Acme anvils from the sky. used a lot in the Road Runner cartoons in attempts by Wile E. Coyote to catch the Road Runner, these large metal objects defy physics in many more ways than one, but let's look at an example where its behavior is actually a bit realistic. In this instance, Wile E. Coyote ends up accidentally hanging on to the anvil as it falls. the result: the anvil drops quickly, and he remains still until yanked out of the air by the anvil. Although realistically he would start to fall the second he was in the air, it isn't 100% unrealistic for one reason: air resistance. as the objects, he and the anvil, begin to fall, they should fall at the same rate neglecting air resistance, but because Wile E. Coyote is much lighter than the anvil, he has a greater drag force acting on him in the upward direction resulting in a lower terminal velocity reached at a faster time than the anvil. However because he is holding on to the anvil, which is moving faster, this would then cause another downward force to act on him soon after, dragging him down at the same speed as the anvil. of course, there are still many more questionable factors, but hey, its just a cartoon

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