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The theatre the theatre, what's happened to the theatre?



This past weekend a fellow orchestra member went to perform in the area all state orchestra for junior high students. These ensembles are made up of students that auditioned during solo fest and received the highest scores in the county, area, or state. This got me to thinking about the times that I had done the same thing, and the places the concerts were held. For area all state at the junior high level they hold the concert at high schools in the area, but for all county high school ensembles, the concert is at Eastman in Kodak Hall. I distinctly remember one time a concert that was held in the gymnasium of one of the schools. But who cares? This brings us to acoustical engineering, specifically architectural acoustics, which has to do with controlling and manipulating sound waves. Musical performance halls are specifically designed to minimize the amount of reflected sound waves. They can do this by getting rid of completely flat and smooth surfaces or adding sound absorbing materials like different fabrics. The reason for doing this is to prevent the formation of standing waves that can then produce different resonance. This can obstruct the sound coming from the musical instruments. The reason that a gymnasium is not an ideal place to hold a concert is because there are too many flat surfaces for sound waves to reflect off of, creating a less clear sound. So what’s the difference between a gymnasium and Kodak Hall? Acoustical engineering and Physics:)



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