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Laser guns and Lightsabers? Not a chance



In the wonderful world of Star Wars lies yet another example of impossible technology that the laws of physics have no way of explaining: lasers used in both guns and the iconic lightsabers. The lightsaber is basically a beam of light and heat energy on a handle that can slice through pretty much anything with the exception of another lightsaber. as much of a cool idea as this may have appeared in our heads, there is unfortunately a number of reasons why lightsabers won't be real any time soon. The first reason is the way they behave. The beams act as though they were solid objects, able to crash into each other and repel each other, and extending and retracting from the handle at the push of a button. This is a beam of energy, and energy certainly is not matter. If they were any bit realistic, the beams would simply pass right through each other if they were crossed. another reason they wouldn't work in real life is the fact that the beam suddenly stops at a certain point, and still has the same effectiveness throughout. it wouldn't be possible to have that much energy focused at one spot without it dispersing somewhere else. even if it were possible to generate the beam, it would be kind of like fire. the tip where it reaches up to would still burn, but the most energy would come from closer to the source. energy can't necessarily be contained, and that's also why laser guns wouldn't work. the focused energy from the laser would most likely transfer to the gun before it even hit anything, deforming or melting it. so unfortunately, as cool of an idea as it may sound, lightsabers won't be possible

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